Ralph and Karen Borden are the owners of Borden Manufacturing Inc.  Ralph has been in the wood working industry since 1973.  Son Kyle has joined the team in 2010 as manager of production and operations.  Through their ownership of a small string of art galleries and actually using stretcher bars themselves, they know what a good stretcher bar should be.


Our many years in business have taught us what the stretcher bar should be and also what the customer wants:  Quality, price and service; fast service.  We have taken this as our motto and we strive to operate in a manner that is efficient as possible so we can continue to be the leader in the industry.


If you have any questions contact us by phone or email: 530 347-6642 or info@stretcherbars.net


Environmental Responsibility

Borden Manufacturing Inc purchases its raw material from mills that participate in sustainable forestry and certify their product through the SFI program.  Learn more about the Sustainable Forestry Initiative at this website: www.sfiprogram.org.


Every board that is processed through our factory is used in its entirety and ends up going out as a new product.  Nothing is wasted.  The byproducts generated from the production of stretcher bars are wood shavings and trim ends.  Wood shavings are sold to horse ranchers as bedding for the animals.  Trim ends are used in commercial energy production and home heating. 


News & Notes

Trade Show

We participate in the annual WCAF Expo in Las Vegas Nevada held in January each year.   Look for our booth and stop to say, "Hi".


Several requests have been received for a 2" depth stretcher.  The cost to manufacture a solid 2" stretcher would be cost prohibitive for us and subsequently our customers.  But, we have brainstormed and realized an inexpensive way to create this effect.  We've designed a "Spacer" that attaches to the back side of our Jumbo Bar product thus creating a 2" depth stretcher.  This product will be cut to length, mitered, and bundled (50 pieces/bundle) for $.25 per foot.  Contact us if that is of interest.

Mailing: P. O. Box 1030; Cottonwood, CA 96022-1030 • 3314 Pacific Trail; Cottonwood, CA 96022-1030
530 347-6642 • fax 530 347-3599