Industry Standard

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Borden Manufacturing Inc. produces Industry Standard

 Stretcher Bars 11/16" x 1-5/8". We have full pallets in sizes ranging from 8"- 48" in stock and ready to ship today. Our custom built machines allow us to make Stretcher Bars ranging from 5"- 96". We offer a complete line of center braces and corner braces for this product.

*Industry Standard Stretcher Bars up to 48" are sold in quantities of 50. Lengths over 48" are sold in quantites of 25.

*To increase quality and reduce warping all sizes over 48" are manufactured to order.  Additionally, to help prevent warpage in high humidity areas, restrain unused bars after the bundles have been opened by re-strapping; ie tying up with durable string or weighting with unopened bundles.

News & Notes

Trade Show

We participate in the annual WCAF Expo in Las Vegas Nevada held in January each year.   Look for our booth and stop to say, "Hi".


Several requests have been received for a 2" depth stretcher.  The cost to manufacture a solid 2" stretcher would be cost prohibitive for us and subsequently our customers.  But, we have brainstormed and realized an inexpensive way to create this effect.  We've designed a "Spacer" that attaches to the back side of our Jumbo Bar product thus creating a 2" depth stretcher.  This product will be cut to length, mitered, and bundled (50 pieces/bundle) for $.25 per foot.  Contact us if that is of interest.

Mailing: P. O. Box 1030; Cottonwood, CA 96022-1030 • 3314 Pacific Trail; Cottonwood, CA 96022-1030
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