We inventory the Industry Standard product in all the common sizes: 8", 10", 12", 16", 20", 24", 36", and 48". Longer length bars are produced as ordered and rarely inventoried. We can produce stretcher bars with endwork up to 96" for our Industry Standard Bars. Other lesser common sizes are produced and stocked randomly and may or may not be in stock at the time you order. We have the capability to run those lesser common sizes on an "as ordered basis" and still ship your order quite quickly.

Our production schedule at the time of receipt of your order will determine the shipdate. We strive to get your order out the door as soon as possible.

What determines how quick your order will ship? If all items are inventoried sizes and styles it may ship the same day if received before 12:00 pm PST. If it requires numerous odd sizes not in inventory, or is a style not inventoried, then the next goal we strive for is to ship the next day or the following. Full truck orders will require atleast 5 business days or more depending on how many full truck orders are in process. Please allow for this and order before you run out.

We have the best freight rates with the common carriers. We will advise you of the best prices from the carriers we work with and the transit times being offered. There are situations where we get really lucky and can score on a great rate with a not so common carrier. However, these super best rates also mean the service is slower. Please allow extra time for these carriers to deliver if you choose the best price option.

We do not ship parcel quantity orders. We are a volume based manufacturer. If you would like to purchase our product, but are not a volume buyer, contact us for a distributor who will be happy to fulfil your order.

PAYMENT TERMS: Pay in advance. Use a cashier's check, wire transfer, or ACH, Contact us for wire transfer/ACH details. To use FedEx or UPS to overnight cashier's checks use this address: Borden Manufacturing Inc. 3314 Pacific Trail, Cottonwood, CA 96022-1030

Contact us if you are a volume buyer and need a current price list.

Ordering is simple.

Type into an email or write onto paper and fax:

  1. Identify your business name and shipping address.
  2. Provide your contact name and phone number.
  3. Note the day you would like to receive the order. Advise if you will not be operating on an otherwise normal business day that may be confusing to the delivering carrier.
  4. Identify each product by name you wish to order. List the quantities by size you are ordering for each product name. Please tell us the total number of pieces for each size you are ordering. Some products are sold 20 pcs to a bundle whereas others are 50 pcs to a bundle. Avoid a misunderstanding by ordering pieces and not bundles. When you have them all there, you're done.
    NOTE: Industry Standard, Euro, and Box Bars are packaged 50 pieces per bundle. Jumbo Bars are packaged 20 pieces per bundle.
  5. Hit the "Send" button or enter our phone number on your machine to fax an order: sales@stretcherbars.net or fax: (530) 347-3599
  6. We will contact you with a quote including shipping charges. If you are a new customer we will request your payment in advance before we build the order. When payment has been received we promptly prepare the order to ship and will advise the shipdate.

Borden Manufacturing Inc. only takes orders via Email and Fax.

Please email orders to: sales@stretcherbars.net

Please fax orders to: 530-347-3599